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Sterilization paper trays

Sterilization paper trays

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Optimal for a large scope of applications in laboratory, medical, dental, clinical, surgery room or veterinary field, the Qualitix®single use paper trays are fully autoclavable by either EO, Steam or Gamma Ray. Made of high qualitiy 320g/m2medical PE coated paper, the anti-skid bottom layer prevents contents from sliding. Ideal for stand-alone use, or inside a Qualitix®sterilization pouch.

  • Rigid medical PE coated paper material
  • Advantageously replacing stainless steel trays
  • One size fits most devices
  • Suitable for EO, steam and gamma sterilization
  • Fit for use as such, or in combination with Qualitix®sterilization pouches
  • Conformity with ISO 14971, ISO 11135, ISO 17665-06

Autoclave at 121C Socorex Picto

paper tray dimensions


A (mm)


C (mm)

D (mm)

150 265 135 250

Tray size perfectly fits the 190 x 360 mm dimensions of the sterilization pouch Cat. No. 3210.1936.


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